If you find yourself regularly losing valuable work hours due to scheduling woes, investing in employee scheduling software is a step in the right direction towards regaining lost productivity. Hello Scheduling is an effective work schedule maker that has all of the essential scheduling tools you need to be successful. Along with a bright, easy-to -navigate interface that makes this software enjoyable to use, Hello Scheduling is ideal for small businesses with 20 or more individuals, but it is capable of scheduling an unlimited number of employees.

Optimizing staff resources is the most important role of scheduling software, and Hello Scheduling does most of the work for you in this regard. It all starts with the web application's auto-scheduler. Simply choose the shifts you need to fill and specify the skills and positions needed for those shifts. The scheduler automatically schedules the qualified and available employees. It even factors in employee preferences and approved time off, and gives you warnings if you try to double-schedule a worker.

If you need to make any changes to the pre-populated schedule, you can do so quickly and easily. The software also allows you to designate other managers in your company and give them permission to make changes to the schedules.

This office schedule maker allows you to post all of your schedules online, which enables your employees to access their schedules from any internet-connected device. This is a beneficial feature because they no longer have to come into work to see what their schedule is and it helps eliminate employee tardiness and absences.

While it's easy to plan breaks and meal times for your staff with Hello Scheduling, defining departments and multiple locations is more complicated. To do so, you must choose location names and add employees who work there as a group. You can create up to five of these groups, which may be insufficient if you have a large business or extraordinarily complicated scheduling requirements. For businesses with 60 employees or more, you can set up more locations. Unfortunately, the more employees you have, the more Hello Scheduling costs.

Beyond building a schedule that suits your business perfectly, Hello Scheduling can save you time during your own work hours. One of the ways it does this is by letting your employees log in, choose their ideal work hours and request shift swaps. They can also bid on shifts you designate as open. Regardless of any request made, you have complete control. Every change requires manager approval, making sure that you remain in control of your workforce schedule.

Additional time-saving features include employee-notification emails and schedule printing, which ensures each employee knows exactly when he or she is scheduled to work. Another outstanding feature of this scheduling software is the option to send text messages to your workers directly from the web interface.

You can find and organize scheduling data in many ways with Hello Scheduling. For example, this product stores employee information such as phone numbers, pay rates, addresses and email addresses. You can pull this information into a report with just a few mouse clicks. You can also see daily, weekly and monthly schedules and print them or post them online.

Another advantageous, and relatively rare, feature of this product is payroll reporting. This application allows you to hand in timesheets to complement its reporting. You simply choose the Hours Scheduled or Hours Worked options under the Reports tab to see this information.

If you have any questions or concerns while using Hello Scheduling, the manufacturer offers several resources to assist you. The Hello Scheduling website has a knowledgebase and a discussion board. You can also call or email a support representative for direct support.

Hello Scheduling Summary:

Hello Scheduling has all the features and capabilities you need to manage scheduling for almost any business. This staff management software is easy to use, has good communication options and includes a time clock function. However, it does not have as many reporting options to choose from and does not support data API. Regardless, Hello Scheduling still does an excellent job of helping you manage employee work schedules.

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Hello Scheduling

Hello Scheduling works on tablets and mobile devices, has a bright, friendly interface and processes your data quickly. It also offers employee notifications and shift swapping.

This software lacks API capabilities and has fewer reporting options than our top-ranked programs.

The Verdict:

Hello Scheduling has almost all the advanced options you need to schedule and communicate with your employees. This software is a good choice if you only need to create general reports and your staff has ready access to email or texting.