Snap Schedule is easy-to-use employee scheduling software that helps you manage your employees and their schedules. This application does an outstanding job tracking employee skills, wages and overtime. It can create several reports and send email notifications to employees to remind them of upcoming shifts.

Snap Schedule is not a hosted service, which means you must download and install the software on your computer. Subsequently, you cannot access the software remotely. However, you do not have to pay a monthly fee to use this office scheduling software, which is an advantage. For a one-time cost, you can schedule as many employees as you wish.

To ensure that your employees are aware of any upcoming shifts, this staff management software allows you to print work schedules for individual employees, specific departments or your entire staff. You can also email schedules to your employees directly from the interface. Unfortunately, your employees can't get alerts about upcoming or open shifts via text message from this software.

Beyond printing, you can export schedules to a variety of file types and to other desktop applications with Snap Schedule. Supported file types include PDF, CSV, JPG, RTF and more. You can also export schedules directly into an HTML document for easy schedule posting on your company website. Snap Schedule does not provide a unique webpage to post your schedules as many fully hosted scheduling services do.

Once you have a basic schedule created, modifying it is painless. You can add time off from the calendar view and set up warnings to use with the validation tool. Doing this will cause flags to appear in the corner of each shift block when there's an issue, such as employees being scheduled for a shift for which they don't have the necessary skills or employees being scheduled during vacations or pre-defined unavailable times. Another warning option that can save you thousands in wages concerns overtime. You can choose to be notified when any employees are scheduled for more than their allowed hours.

Another beneficial feature of this software is its options for tracking labor costs. The software displays labor costs in the calendar view and you can see each employee's hourly wage, including applicable overtime costs. Using this reporting feature allows you to see the total cost for every shift, which can help you identify areas where you may be losing money.

This office schedule maker includes all the basic tools you need for scheduling and offers extras such as the ability to assign tasks within shifts. For example, you might be scheduling a shift at a library. Right from the Snap Schedule interface, you can assign tasks such as re-shelving, story time in the children's department or collection quality assessment. You can also add notes to any schedule, and adding breaks and mealtimes into a schedule is easy as well.

Snap Schedule does an excellent job of analyzing and presenting data about your staff schedules. With 16 customizable reports, Snap Schedule puts more information at your fingertips than most employee scheduling programs, online or otherwise. Available reports include time-off summaries, shift-assignment rosters, employee activity, employee skills and more. The reports are offered in a professional and clear format, making them well suited for presentations to management and accounting departments.

Business Management Systems, the publisher of Snap Schedule, offers responsive help and support. If you have questions or concerns about the software, you can email the company and receive a prompt answer from the customer support department. The company website also includes video and text tutorials to help you learn how to use Snap Schedule. Unfortunately, Business Management Systems does not offer free phone support, requiring you to either subscribe to an Annual Software Assurance Plan, or pay for per-incident telephone support.

Snap Schedule Summary:

Snap Schedule is a comprehensive product that can save you time and money with its advanced reporting and labor-cost tracking. While it lacks the employee communication options available in some of our top-ranked software, Snap Schedule is ideal for companies and agencies with elaborate scheduling needs.

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Snap Schedule

Snap Schedule automatically detects scheduling conflicts and allows you to email schedules to your employees. It has 16 customizable report templates and allows you to schedule an unlimited number of employees.

This software lacks text message notifications, a time clock feature and online posting of schedules. It will not run natively on Mac OS X.

The Verdict:

This employee scheduling software tackles the complex scheduling needs of any organization without a monthly fee, but because it is not a hosted service, it lacks the accessibility that many online services provide.