If you’re in need of simple employee scheduling software, WhenToWork is a good application to consider. This work schedule maker features many of the basic scheduling tools that you will find in similar products, along with several advanced tools to meet your business needs. In addition to its large selection of scheduling tools, WhenToWork also excels with email and text messaging capabilities and a mobile app. However, this employee scheduling software lacks an updated interface and many other options that could greatly enhance its functionality.

WhenToWork is a hosted service. This means you can access the schedule and other information from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Employees can also remotely log in at home or on their smartphones to view their schedules, swap shifts and request time off.

When you create work schedules with this application, a variety of tools make the process much faster and more enjoyable. You can copy shifts from one week to the next to save time if the shifts each week are similar. You can add locations and departments to the schedules, which is particularly valuable if you run a mid-sized business. You can also manage all of your employees' information directly in the application.

Among the best features of WhenToWork is the ease with which you can export and import data. You start by adding shifts, employees' names and contact information in the schedule setup wizard. From there, you follow a process to create custom templates. All this information is used to generate a master calendar that you can add shifts to one at a time. Alternatively, you can utilize premade templates for various types of organizations, such as pharmacies or police stations.

Exporting to a CSV file or to a Google document is simple. Your employees can also add their information by logging in with their Facebook accounts. Furthermore, the software can provide useful statistics about your business, such as time-off data, weekly schedule overviews and labor costs per shift. You also can view who is on shift at any time and who is scheduled to work the next shift.

While it has many useful tools, WhenToWork features an outdated interface and can be difficult to navigate. The setup process is time consuming, but once you have all the required data input and have learned where all of the features and tools are located, it is a quick process to create and publish a schedule.

WhenToWork lacks important help and support options such as phone support, an online user forum and live chat with company representatives. However, this staff management software offers responsive email assistance if you need direct assistance. WhenToWork cuts costs by not offering phone support, but it would be convenient to have a way to speak to a tech support representative. This employee scheduling software is subscription based, and offers plans for up to 200 employees. Custom plans are available for larger businesses as well.

WhenToWork Summary:

WhenToWork is a basic employee scheduling application that can help you organize your workforce. This software provides most of the tools you need to create employee work schedules quickly and efficiently, and while it has a bit of a learning curve to it, you can create simple, user-friendly schedules for your employees in no time.

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WhenToWork offers several time-saving features, such as the ability to copy shifts from week to week and the option to create templates of your schedules.

This employee scheduling software has an outdated interface and lacks several help and support options, including telephone and live chat support.

The Verdict:

WhenToWork is a basic yet effective employee scheduling application. It offers an adequate selection of features and is accessible from any internet connection.